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July 31, 2005

2005 - 'The year of the Greg'

2005 was a new year and with a new year comes the obligatory New Years Resolutions (NYR's). I had decided that this was to be my year, 'the year of the Greg'. I hated my job and realised i was never going to have the brass necked, hard faced qualities that it takes to be a personnel officer for the rest of my life (although looking people in the eye and pretending to care about their problems really set me in good stead for becoming a seasoned bluffer and mover at the poker table!)
I set about making resolutions that would make a difference to my life and focus on me and what was best for my interests. This is an abridged version of the lengthy list of 'targets' (NYR's) i set for myself:

1. Have an aim in life by Quarter 1
2. Have an action plan firmly in place and up and running by Quarter 2
3. Leave boring office job
4. Play more poker
5. write poker articles
6. Live the dream (i always include this but never know what I mean as I am an aimles bum and a waster)

Early on in the year i had worked out that number 1 really encompassed the rest of the targets and number 6 was really to emulate Anthony Holden and spend time as a professional poker player.... i just needed that big win to set me free from my monotonous hell at the office and surely 2005 would become 'The year of the Greg'.


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