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August 25, 2005

The start of something purple!

January came and went and i was still stuck in monotonous office hell. I was working hard on my game and studying articles, books, internet forums (whilst in the office of course) all in the search of key bits of information and tips to help me in my quest for poker stardom.

Then came February............ 'the purple patch'

The first Sunday of the month is the £100 re-buy at Nottingham Gala. Poker was really starting to take off in the UK and Notts was no exception. Over 100 runners produced a £30k prize pool and yours truly took first place in a chip count for £7800 - my biggest ever win! Now my desire for the game was higher than ever and i was brimming with confidence and felt i couldn't lose. Armed with my new bankroll, I decided i would start and play some of the minor festival events in the UK for the next few months and see how we go.

The following week i drive to Walsall for the £25 rebuy super satellite to the main event of the Midlands Medley. There were 90 runners and it produced 3 seats.. and yes, i got one! This gained me entry into a £1500 buy-in event for just £25. - I couldn't have been more over the moon, i was delighted and of course brimming with confidence. - bring me Devilfish, Surinder, Rokach.. i'll take em all on!


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