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August 26, 2005

Prelude to my first biggie!

I arrived at Walsall early to ensure i wouldn't be late and to get a feel for a big event. I was so excited and at the same time a little nervous. This was my first really big poker competition and although i felt i could hold my own, i didn't really know what to expect. I knew the field would be strong and i knew that most of the big names would be there in search of some early season ranking points... I wasn't wrong!

I met up with my good friend (and now poker celebrity) Tony 'Tikay' Kendall for a coffee before the game as he said he would introduce me to a few 'faces' and help me get a feel for who was who.

I got to the bar and Tony was there talking to William Hill couple 'Smokin' Steve Vladar and his partner Xuyen 'Bad Girl' Pham. I joined them for a drink and immediately felt a part of the scene. I drifted in and out of conversation with them as my head span with the faces that i recognised from seeing poker on the T.V. and from reading poker magazines and internet articles. The Devilfish, Koresh, Simon Trumper, John Shipley, Dave Colclough to name but a few were circling like sharks ready for action. I felt a certian dread but a real tingle of anticipation and excitement and couldn't wait to get involved.


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