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November 04, 2005

Internet Poker? - I Suck?

I was in Sheffield on Wednesday for the £100 PLH re-buy affair. Nothing to report about the comp as it was largely uneventful for me, i never got any chips and eventually had to gamble on a 50:50 shot which flipped the wrong side up for me and i was out. It was an enjoyable evening though and i ran into a few guys i hadn't really seen much of since Vegas and it was good to catch up and have a bit of a chat.

I was talking to Steve 'womble' Walmsley before the comp and like myself he has recently put work to one side in order to concentrate on his poker. We got talking about how much we have been playing and whether or not we thought we could make a crust playing on-line. In Vegas i had declared i was going to master the bloody game when i got home and become an English version of a Scandie whizz, raking in millions from the on-line gravy train. - so naturally Steve enquired as to my successes... I could only reply with a folorn look and declare that "i suck at internet poker". Steve, naturally now has more time on his hands during the day and has ventured onto the cyber tables and is breaking even (that would be a result to me!) Anyway, we concluded that you need very different skill sets for the live game and internet games. I am very much a live player who thrives on the banter and the action of a 'proper' game but i am looking for some advice from wining on-line players and am interested in their experiences, tactics and results and hopefully i can learn something that will help my own game...

so,.... what i am saying is if anyone wants to post some comments and offer some advice, i am prepared to listen (cap in hand, baking humble pie).


Off to Sheffield this afternoon for the super sat to the £750 NLH freezeout with the competition proper starting at 8pm tonight - lets hope i can get back to what i know - the live stuff and winning!


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