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October 11, 2005

Sorry?... Why be sorry to win?

I decided to play the £15k guarenteed on crypto tonight - (£50 entry, 288 runners and £4200 for the lucky fish that wins it).

It started slowly as always and i managed to build my 2,000 starting stack up to a whopping 2,010! - thats huge for me and right in my comfort zone!

After the break, i managed to find a few hands and a few situations in which to press home my advantage and as a result i got paid and i began to build some chips. I made a good call with my JJ on a KsKc4s board after i was check raised all in by the small blind who had called my initial raise pre-flop and checked the flop to me. I just didnt feel he had the king (spidey sense you know!) and I actually put him on the flush draw - i was right, well almost! :-) (just call me mystic greg) he had 99 but i didnt care as my jacks held up and i was up to 8,000.

I started to pick up some hands and i was raising fairly frequently pre-flop but i had the goods each time. I could sense the table beginning to question the authenticity of my raises somewhat and eventually one of their number decided to put me through the ultimate lie-detector test (known as the all-in re-raise), as it happens i was holding AQ and i decided to fold.

The very next hand i pick up QQ in early position and make my standard raise and again i get re-raised from mid-positon by a different player. The re-raise bet is half my stack to call, so thats what i decided to do, - he has 9-9, so obviously i am a huge favourite in the hand. The board pairs and brings all low cards until that goddam, fecking, ugly 9 came on the river. I sigh and get ready for the next hand with the remaining chips (half the stack they use to be!) when.... (and back to the whole point of this post) My opponent types in the chat box "sorry", (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!),

Oh my good god yes, this did provoke a reaction from me and a bit of a strongly worded anger fuelled rhetort back to the mungrel claiming to be deeply saddened by my great loss but it also did lead me to think.... why be sorry to win? - Surely this guy isn't so sorry that he wants to give me back my chips or offer me 50% of his winnings! - in fact the toe rag was probably running around his bedroom humping his dog when the 9 rivered! - so why say it? - i honestly dont think it was to wind me up, i just think it was an unecessarry throw away comment that in that sitaution isn't required but is oh so often used.

There is a moral to this story.... I urge fellow players in this situation never ever to say sorry. It is wrong, it winds people up and it means nothing! - you are not sorry! - My suggestion is to say nothing or perhaps say 'unlucky', but really saying nothing is the very best thing you can say.

How did it end? - if your not bothered then don't read on.

A very similar hand developed (in fact i was holding QQ again) about 25 minutes later when i was down to 12 big blinds and a further beat put me out of the comp. - tell me just how do you call a 7X the bet re-raise with K-Jo?

I went on to finish 27th for £75 - rubbish!


Blogger Joe said...

Hey, that's cool! I never thought I'd see a british poker geek.

11/10/05 11:40 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

thats me! - poker fan, british and everyone has a little geek inside them just waiting to get out.

11/10/05 11:45 pm

Blogger redsimon said...

Just use my diplomatic answer when some goon says the "s" word. "Isn't that what your dad said to your mum when his condom burst" :-)

13/10/05 7:41 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

I'm just gonna ignore it in future or suggest they use my suggested alternative of "unlucky"

14/10/05 2:46 am


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