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October 07, 2005

Sit N' Go's (The Cardinal Rules!)

I have been playing a lot of sit n' go's recently but without the success i had about 9-10 months ago. I am still winning and feel they suit my game but i wasn't winning with th frequency i was used to so i dug out this little beauty i created about a year ago. It was a little self berrating checkilst that i created for sit n' go's. I swear by it! Maybe you'll find it useful, maybe not!

1. Play only Sit N Go’s and the odd MTT. Stay away from cash games – you totally suck at cash and will lose!

2. Patience is word of the day every day – you Muppet!

3. Do not get involved early on when the blinds are low unless you have a very good genuine starting hand.

4. No limping from early or middle position with shit connectors unless it is very cheap, you have good pot odds and the table hasn’t had much raising action – limping corrodes your stack!

5. If you have ignored point three because you are an idiot and you have limped with suited connectors, do not get married to your top pair! Only continue to the turn and river if you have hit two pair or have a pair with a 4-flush draw or you are up and down for the top straight. – Make sure you properly assess the odds, implied odds and value.

6. Do not make stupid bluffs when you are chipped up with four to go (five to go in a 2-table).

7. Do not make loose in-disciplined calls when you are chipped up with four to go (five to go in a 2-table) just because you can afford it. STOP PAYING PEOPLE OFF WHEN YOU THINK / KNOW THEY HAVE IT!!!!

8. When you bet out at a pot and you are called – think what they are calling with. If there is an obvious draw there then put them on that sought of hand. They may be calling with 2nd pair and a draw. If there is no obvious draw there then they could well have a monster like a set so beware. Don’t just blindly bet into people, bluffing all your money away!

9. Just because you are in the blinds it doesn’t mean you HAVE to get involved! – assess the hand for what it is. The cards don’t miraculously double in value just because you have money invested and you are in the blinds. - (Note to idiot self; playing after the flop whilst in the blinds means you are out of position!!

10. Do not get involved when you are chipped up with four to go (five to go in a 2-table) unless you have the nuts or are calling a smallish all in bet with an extremely good hand in order to knock out a player.

11. Play only one sit and go at a time!

12. Give it your full concentration in the latter stages (6 or less left and blinds increasing) – do not fucking e-bay, Hotmail or bank whilst playing!

13. Bluffing should not be done for entertainment or because you are trying to buy your way out of an earlier mistake. Bluffing is a science that will only work when there are few people to play against. You will know when the time is right, if the feeling is wrong and you know you’re probably going to get called then just fucking resist temptation and be patient!

14. When you get to the prizes don’t just go for coin flips and gambles, still keep it tight and trap. You want to win not just come third!


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