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November 11, 2005

I Really Can't Take Any More!

this is it, i am making a decision - i want no further part of the action! I am tired of losing and am tired of not trusting internet poker sites.

I have just played 7 hours per day for the last 2 days on pokerstars with no success at all. I feel I am playing well but can't achieve a result and further to my lack of success i have been logging my tournament and SNG departures as well as the beats i am receiving in the cash games. I can only conclude that not only do i suck beyond belief at internet poker (that has already been proven), but... I am also incredibly unlucky - do i sound like a loser? - well, thats because i am!

My last departure was a 2 outer on the bubble of a 100 SNG and i absolutely let rip - swearing and general shouting at the absolute top of my voice, laptop sent through mid air into the kitchen and my foot well and truly stubbed on the sofa. - My shout was so loud that one of the neighbours has just rung the doorbell to check out what was happening - nosey cow!

I feel there is no choice but to delete every single piece of internet poker software from my laptop (15 poker rooms) and just concentrate on my live game until after christmas. I have a very good record live, where i can look a guy in the eyes, have a laugh, smell fear and feel the strength of a bet. On-line this just isn't possible! - I am not a technical player, i play by feel and the net just doesn't do it for me... so, its over, no more, done, never again, deleted, game over, insert 10p. - Furthermore, i would never react to a beat in this way in a live card room and i don't like myself when i react like this so i am removing the problem and the risk of it happening again.

I am off to Ikea with the real poker girlie tonight to buy a new sofa then its to PC world for laptop repairs, then i'll stop by the 'big L' shop (a shop for losers) to buy a big holographic 'L' for my forehead.

Sunday, i'll be at gala for the £50 rebuy where i expect to get a result and will post the details on Monday.

thanks for listening

'the cyber-whinger'


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