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November 16, 2005

Richard & Judy Talk Poker!?..... How Painful!

Alright... so i am admitting i have nothing better to do than sit with lappie on my knee watching Richard & Judy in the afternoons but after i have had my bacon buttie and settled down to watch Deal or No Deal with Noel Edmonds i can't be arsed to move plus in the last week they have had two guests on that i thought might be interesting so i sat and watched (i really wish i hadn't) .... Mike Reid (Eastenders and all round funny man) and John Thompson (Fast Show, Cold Feet). However they both began telling R&J that they are poker addicts and that they really love the game etc etc. - queue interest from the tall smug one (Richard) and the fat ageing alchoholic one (Judy). - apparently they love poker too, especially when they go all in! - wow, i love the crap shoot all in aspect to poker too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Apparently, Mike Reid (just what are his poker credentials?) has released a DVD that not only tells you how to play poker but (and here's the best bit)... it tells you how to win at poker!.. whatever Mike!, whatever!

Now John Thompson is showing the annoying couple how to play Texas Hold'em! - OMG i have never witnessed anything so painful to the ears an eyes in all my life - i found it insulting!

When, where, how will this saturation of poker into the popular media stop! - I want to hear poker players with credentials talking poker i don't want to hear failed commedians, actors and useless celebrities telling me how they know when someone's bluffing and how its all in their DVD! - F**K OFF!

__end of rant__


Blogger Nemesis said...

[clap] [clap] makes me sick as well mate.

Good Luck

17/11/05 9:11 am

Blogger redsimon said...

Mike Reid deals the flop "these are the hole cards" Wow, bet this DVD will be a corker!

19/11/05 7:25 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

sad thing is my gran will probably get it me for christmas! :-)

21/11/05 5:57 pm


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