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September 01, 2006

I'm due a huge slice soon

My luck in the MTT's is just bang out at the moment, I'm not going to bore you or dwell on it but honestly i seem to be losing just about every big key pot i play, whether it be on-line or live. I am the first to admit when I think I am playing badly and I am not affraid of taking stock every now and then and analyising my game but at the moment I honestly think I am playing just about as well as I can but I am not getting the frequency of results that i use to. I am accumulating chips steadily, I am making the correct lay downs in the correct situations and I am 9 times out of 10 getting it in with the best of it and if i don't get it in with the best of it then I usually have a huge draw! - But i just can't get a decent result! - wtf is going on?!. If by miracle of miracles someone doesn't suck a 2-outer on me and I make a final then I just can't get my bad-beated ass past 7th! - it's frustrating the hell out of me! There has GOT to be some string of luck lurking round the corner somewhere... surely!

Anyway, that's the Hellmuth bit out of the way, aside from playing poker I have been doing some more writing for UK Pokernews and they have asked me to do some writing for their sports betting site called... Sports Betting News. I am thoroughly enjoying this, its almost like a dream job, i get to read about sport and poker all day, scour the betting, poker and sports sites and then write about it. - pretty good huh? I'll be doing something most days on the sports betting side so keep checking it out and maybe have a punt.... I cannot be held responsible for any tips that may spew there way on to the page though :-)

good luck!


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