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August 18, 2006

Sheffield Summer Festival £300 NLH - Overnight Situation

F***ing rain woke me up after about 3 hours sleep and there's no chance of getting your head back down when your bedroom is on the top floor in the roof! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

96 runners, great structure, plenty of atrocious pokering by some and after a proper struggle early on and hours of infuriating grinding i am now in good shape. There's 14 left on 2 tables of 7 (10 get paid). First prize is just a smidgen over 10k, so there's plenty to play for. We played until 4am and surprisingly some of the shortstacks decided to hang on and didn't do their finest kamikaze lemming impressions as is what normally happens in these 2-day jobbies, - perhaps they were watching Tikay at Luton!?

I have 56k in chips (average is about 35k), which is either the chip lead or very close to it. I had 77k at my peak (2.5 times the average) about 70 minutes before the end but had a mis-read with 10-J when i thought I had pocket jacks (obviously) and a minor accident with 9-9, where i raised in late position only to be heftily and quickly re-raised by my next door neighbour, who was one of the only two players at my table who could seriously damage me, so i folded and he showed J-J, so i guess i dodged a bullet there!

I've got some ironing to do and have to take up the wooden flooring in my hallway so the concrete floor underneath can be leveled and the wood floor re-laid tomorrow. - Rock n' roll!!


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