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July 21, 2006


Well I didn’t manage to snag a late seat to the WSOP as I finished about midway in the Stars 150 seats guaranteed when my short(ish) stack lost a late position coin flip with QQ against AK. I did beat over 4000 people but finishing 2617th isn’t really something to blog about is it?!. I am disappointed but it’s not a huge disappointment. Especially in light of a lot of the blog reports I have read recently about the various problems players are having out there with the Harrah’s organisation and attitude towards the players. I have heard tales of them refusing to change marked decks, altering structures and formats of events only minutes prior to kick off and issuing bans and ejections for anyone with an opinion they don’t like. If you add to this the huge crowds and the long waits for available STT’s then I would probably rather not be there and even if I was there I would probably be over at the Bellagio or Orleans, playing the competitions they have to offer, which last year were very good value, well run and were not a complete circus.

I guess I’ll just carry on grinding at the e-felt for now and leave the bling-bling hunt until next year.

Congratulations to fellow Midlander Peter Costa for his two cashes and his final table in the Omaha Hi-Lo and congratulations to all the Brits who have managed a cash so far also such as Carlo Citrone, Julian Gardner, Nick Gibson, El-Blondie, Ian Woodley, Joe Beavers and a few others I can’t remember. I just hope one of them can emulate Sir Lawrence Gosney of Leeds’ effort from last year and win a pretty bangle. Good Luck fellas.


Blogger MrMoves said...

Hope to see you next year, Greg.

23/7/06 9:25 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

Cheers Paul. I'll be trying.

24/7/06 10:37 am


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