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August 09, 2006

Pokerbility Odds Calculator

I've been messing about recently with a new odds calculator called 'Pokerbility'. It instantly works out the odds of your hand and the odds of it improving to a better hand by the river and it also tells you the probability of your opponent having a certain hand - its quite scary how fast it works! Oh, and for those really lazy folk and those that are learning the game it also suggests what your next move should be (check/fold/raise/check-raise/check-fold/limp-call/re-raise etc.) You do need to configure it though to whether you want to play tight/loose/aggressive pre-flop, post flop etc but it does adapt to your style of play over time. It also works on most internet card rooms and they are adding more every week.

I have never really used one of these poker odds calculator thingies before but thought i would give it a try and to be honest it was real eye opener and its excellent for cash games in particular for checking whether you are getting the right price to draw and what your odds of hitting are. Anyway, enough of this shameless plug!... Its free to anyone who signs up through one of their affilated poker rooms - thats how they make their money but when you sign up there are varying deposit bonus options (as long as you use their bonus code) so as far as i can see everyone's a winner! if you fancy giving it a go just click on the link on the right hand side of this blog in the 'links' section.

good luck!


Anonymous TripSix said...

Hi, I found your blog a few days ago, and I liked it so much I came back again!

The odds calculator sounds interesting and I have used a similar one before, but after a while I found I got on better without it. I think they are a great learning tool, but once you get the hang of the game it is better to develop your own playing style.

I have my own blog where I write about my attempts to one day go pro if you fancy taking a butchers.

Keep up the good work.


9/8/06 8:39 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

Thanks Damien.
Your blog is a good read too - nice one! - I read your 'birthday present' post and am thinking i might take a trip over to the 25.50 tables on VC if thats what the play is like!!

good luck!! :-)

10/8/06 10:20 am


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