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November 21, 2005

The Internet Cold Turkey Continues

This post works best if read pretending you are that annoying geordie fella who voices over big brother.... "day twelve and all is quiet on the internet poker front"

Since my tantrum of twelve days ago, i haven't folded an e-card in anger and don't intend to for some time yet. I sometimes get the urge for a game but i am fighting it. Plenty to do in and out of my new house at the moment, so no excuses for falling into long boring sessions in front of the computer screen.

My live results have really perked up too - as i knew they would! 5 live games in eleven days (4 at Notts and 1 at Walsall - i have made three final tables and won a seat to the Walsall £1500 main event this Sunday coming). The omens are good as this is how i netted £38k in february - i knuckled down on my live game in the weeks prior, strung a few small results together and got in to the main event for less than £100 in the super sat. A full recollection of that result, the thoughts of the day and the battles and encounters that i had along the way can be found in the earlier posts of this blog. I hope to report more of the same next week.


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