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April 21, 2006

You Lazy Blogger! The Blogsters LifeCycle.

yup, its official, i have become a lazy blogger!

I have been reading other poker blogs now for about 12 months and have noticed a trend or blog life cycle occurring. It goes something like this...... 1. The birth: (Start with immense enthusiasm, funny tales from the felt, stories about how you cant stop winning, regular twice weekly updates). 2. The rise: (Traffic increases, people comment on the content, plaudits from peers and keenness shows no sign of waning - blogtastic!) 3. A dip: (A few bad beats, a couple of stale sessions, maybe a bit of burnout and you start to only update weekly at best - questions are asked as to your commitment to update and you subsequently decide to get back on it! 4. The renaiisance (A couple of quick flash posts, interest returns and your updating weekly again! woohoo!). 5. Re-Dip (Can't be arsed again, "who reads this shit anyway"? - don't post for weeks, your playing like a twat so why bother telling anyone?) 6. Lazy Blogger (Realisation that your a lazy blogger, you've neglested your updating, its time for another renaissance - and so it goes on....)

Anyone recognise this cycle or is it just me?....

Oh well, at least i have realised i have become a lazy blogger but in truth i haven't got much to write home about. - The daily on-line trawl continues, win a bit, lose a bit win a bit more.

I played live last night at Notts in the weekly £50 (+ 2 rebuys) game and came 15th out of 63. I was so card dead i could have suspected foul play or invented some sort of conspiracy theory.I know i am selective in the hands i play but this was just embarrassing! When i did finally play a hand (limping with 66 UTG i caught a set on a 6-9-10 board, got all my chips in and managed to finish 3rd when my oppo's turned over 10-10-10 and 7-8 respectively) - CHIIIIIIIIPS! I then limped in mid position with 8-8 and when everyone checked the JJQ board and a beautiful 8 fell on the turn, i again managed to get all my chips in against my oppo holding JQ!) - CHIIIIIIIIIIIPS! I did manage to duck and dive after that but never really threatened. Despite being given a total of 15,000 chips for my £150 i peaked at 17,000 but still managed to nurse my micro stack for hours and finish in 15th. What a grind! - Not bad i suppose to say i was set up and raped twice early doors and never saw a decent hand for 5 hours.

Although i am mainly a live player who is trying to master the on-line game, it was weird actually seeing a live playing card on green felt as i hadn't played live for 6 weeks!!!! - thats just too long! I actually really enjoyed it and it was good to be back amongst the smoke, cold coffee, noise and banter so i am gong to make more of an effort to get out and play.

lazy boy!


Blogger KingBenno said...

Spot on with the "Blogsters LifeCycle®". Describes my Blog updates anyway.. lol.
Best of luck,

23/4/06 7:53 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

keep em coming more frequently gregory...!!

and b&m is infinitely more fun than online..!! imagine those beats online it would be another broken lap top...!!

26/4/06 2:45 pm

Anonymous Jnrrazz said...

So does that mean that officially you have done nothing for 6 weeks... well all you need to do is think it's me v Tonio (who has hair now) in the cup final...

27/4/06 10:17 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

yes mick,
i'm a lazy boy!

not sure who to support in the final with both yours and tonio's teams there. - just hope its a good game.

28/4/06 8:42 am

Blogger . said...


25/6/06 9:51 pm


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