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February 09, 2006

Cosmic Connections – Is Brain to Brain Communication Really Possible?

You will notice from the tone of my last blog entry that I am not currently in the best of 'nick' luck-wise. On the table of good fortune, I am quite literally the short stack. This current run of form has been happening solidly for about 4 weeks now but I would say it has been happening for about 3 months on and off. I know there are ups and downs in the game but this is the longest ‘down’ I have ever experienced and it seems like a piss-taking ‘down’. A ‘down’, where the poker gods are really having a dig at me, testing my remaining resolve and my true faith in the skill factor. But, what has really got me thinking these last few weeks is if there really is a connection or a form of communication between state of mind, the poker gods and the cards, whether they be actual plastic coated Kem variety or the floating e-cards that dance around the screen in front of our eyes.

I pose this question as my run of bad luck just isn’t normal and I really am in a very negative frame of mind right now – I don’t expect a hand to hold up, even if I am an 85% favourite – and that’s scary! It is not just a case of running a big hand into AA or having my KK cracked by AQ (that is happening regularly), but it is far more bizarre than that. It seems like whatever needs to transpire and whatever the odds of it happening… it happens! People catching perfect-perfect to beat me, or someone moving all-in with nothing to spring my trap and they hit their miracle 2-outer. I am not blaming the internet as it has been consistently happening live too but as I play more hands on the internet it seems like the e-deal is to blame. It is getting to the stage now where when I am all-in and my opponent flips over his rags, I say to myself (as an example) - “right NO Jack” – a jack being the only card they can hit (whether it be the 3 remaining jacks or the 2 remaining jacks in the deck) – I stare so hard at the screen and want him to miss so badly but ...., and as if by some cosmic communication via my brain through the ether, down the internet connection and into the servers of whatever site I am playing on – it finds that jack EVERY F**KING TIME!!!

I was watching something on the TV the other night about the powers and electricity of the brain and have heard it said a few times before that if someone believes something so strongly then they really can truly make it happen – and if one person's mind can connect on exactly the same frequency level as another person’s brain then surely they can communicate without actually talking. Look at the connection some sets of twins have with each other – one of them breaks a leg and the other one feels the pain too - and they could be hundreds of miles apart and not actually know of the injury to their sibling. So why not for example, when I think so negatively at the screen and virtually pray for a card not to come does it arrive? I am going to research into this and report back – hopefully I will learn some mind reading skills along the way :-)


P.S. I still haven’t found that witch I’ve been looking for! – Or maybe it’s because I didn’t buy that lavender off of that Gypsy woman standing outside M&S in Newark! – Who knows?


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