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March 22, 2006

Hands Up.... Are You a Fish or a Coach?

Hands Up…………………..

………………..If you’re a fish…… ><((((‘)…….. or are you the coach?

Now a fish isn’t probably something you would admit to being is it?! - (Why is it that fish have such a bad name in the poker world anyway?) – I happen to quite like fish, such tranquil, simple creatures that get to spend all day swimming around in cool water without too many cares in the world. – I think it’s about time we gave the fish some respect and pick on some other animals, like err…. Donkeys or pigeons or ….Camels maybe? - no offence meant there Keith. :-)

The Poker Coach Outbreak - They're breeding like rabbits!

Everyday, I surf the poker press, other poker blogs and poker forums and it is amazing how many times I hear tales from these now rapidly increasing breed of poker coaches on how they made such and such a ‘world class’ move but fish A or fish B was too god dam fish smelling to fold his fishy pair etc. When I play on-line I quite often read the chat, which seems to be full of useful titbits and information and tips from obviously great players (I mean surely you have to be great to tell another player how to play – right?)…. So why are these great players playing the $22 Sit and goes?

When I play live I listen to the players talk and to say it’s a £50 re-buy I am amazed at what great players populate the game – I mean I am assuming they are great players because they give a post mortem of EVERY hand and are so kind as to tell the others what they should have done to avoid losing that last pot.

Overall, what I read and hear on a regular basis is quite frankly scaring me. It seems like there are no bad players around anymore, everyone is now qualified to coach others and even those players that have been playing for five minutes and are 15 yrs old are calling their opponents fish! I am becoming more and more confused as to how I can possibly win at this game when it appears that everybody knows everything there is to know already and even those players and forum posters who populate the micro tables and $1 re-buy comps offer their wisdom and tell tales of how they would be playing such huge levels as $1-$2 if it wasn’t for the ‘idiot calling station fish’ that they come across and can’t beat everyday.

Anyway, rant over, I suppose it’s a game of opinions after all. I am just off to walk my pet fish round the block. – cheers!


Blogger MrMoves said...

....and count to ten, breathe and relax.

Everybody wins at poker these days. That's why everyone is an expert and poker is so popular.

I wish someone would coach me.

22/3/06 8:10 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

gregory? u ever played in a EPT/ just wondered.. if so how did ya go?

23/3/06 12:14 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

bit of a random question mr anonymous. - any reason for this?

i played in the Vienna E-WSOP EPT event last year and busted out at the end of day 1

23/3/06 1:35 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah but what is motivating the coaches of the poker coaches eh? Everybody's at it.

Now, the way I would have written that blog entry is...

23/3/06 2:04 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

just taking an interest gregory my son.

the other anonymous comment wasn't mine..

cheers and good luck for the future..

23/3/06 3:12 pm

Anonymous jnrrazz said...

Mr Hill... I assume that the reason for the Fish tag is that they forget what they say every 7 seconds and so don't pick up tells.. I think thats because they forget what they say every 7 seconds or something... what we talking about....

23/3/06 9:22 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

Mick, welcome to the blog.
apparently a fish is a bad poker player. According to all the current coaches and experts out there in the poker world there are thousands of these aquariam inhabiting creatures populating the tables at the moment. However a fish occasionally wins money off of these coaches through terribly bad play and such stupidity that they fail to recognise the world class sophisticated plays of these great players :-)

24/3/06 8:20 am


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