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February 03, 2006

Well, I must have F***ed a Witch!

..... either that, or i have murdered the wife of a poker god. Something has certainly happened in my subliminal or subconcious or within my dejavous outer-life parallel aoura (am i sounding like Phil Laak yet?!!)

I can't begin to tell you the current extent of my bad form, my bout of the badbeats and the strength and suction power of my suckouts at the moment - its just a serious tale of woe, a real real real sad sickening run of form.

Now, I am not pretending that my problems are greater than anyone elses in real life, I am only talking about a game of poker after all - (i still wouldn't swap places with a homeless destitute, a New Orleans old-timer or a drugged up lady of the night working the street of Sheffield - they've got real problems!!) but in terms of playing poker, whether it be for fun (it isn't that right now!) or for a living, I HAVE got problems, i really am right at the back of the luck queue! I am not even asking for any good luck to come my way - i feel i am good enough to make a profit through good play and not have to rely on good luck, however i just don't want any BAD luck - its all i ask from time to time.

KK seems to be the main culprit. In the past 3 weeks i have re-raised all-in with this hand 8 times, each time i have been a favourite at various % levels ranging from 84% to 67%, however it has only stood up once. It has been cracked by A-10, A-8, JJ, 44, QQ, A-K and 88. Now what am i doing wrong in life or more importantly in the game to be suffering here. Every single time i move all-in i am doing it against players that still have enough chips to pass, i interestingly enough haven't once had to call all-in with KK - every time i have been either first in with it or i have re-raised with it.

AA hasn't been fairing much better. (5 All-ins and only 2 victories). The worst of all was just today - a real moment to reach for your sick bag. I was playing a large multi on pokerstars and there are two of us on the table with similar chips - we both have 10k, the chip leader in the tournament has 18k, and with blinds at 100-200 we are both not really in need of a gamble at all. However, the ultimate situation occurs - i have AA and he has KK and all the money goes in preflop (it wasn't played slowly either, he makes it 700 and i move in for 9875!!!!) - My all-in reraise surely tells him i have a monster and i don't want an accident but he duly calls with his KK anyway. The flop brings another ace and i think "drama over - i will be chip leader in a matter of seconds when the chips get moved around however the turn brings a ten and the river a queen to go with the jack on the flop and the king in his hand!!! - so there you go, he beats my AA with KK without even spiking a king - and to cap it off and really take the piss, the pokerstars software deals me AA the very next hand and allows me to push all-in with my remaining 575, only to be called in 2 spots and have it cracked this time by Q-8o who makes a straight by the turn. - What have i got to do FFS!!!!!!!!!!

I really don't want to continue and i know those that have bothered to get this far will be greatful for that, but i really haven't even scratched the surface here! - day after day, week after week i just seem to be outdrawn for fun - people are spiking 2 and 3 outers for fun against me. Its getting so bad now that i even expect to lose when i have the over pair - i really can't see it standing up against the under pair that has called my all-in.

I don't want to make this a badbeat blog at all - i hate those types of blogs, they bore me but this is a diary of whats happening with me in the game and right now this is how i feel and this is what's happening - its sick and the sooner i find that witch and f**k her agin, the better.



Blogger Wonky said...

Bummer Greg! Sounds like it really is the internet thats to blame ! It will turn, you know it. On a side note I tend to write a few generic bolg entries in advance and one i've not published yet is called. .. "I dont need good luck.. just dont give me bad luck!!"

I'll have to change it now!



8/2/06 8:25 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

its true though, i really feel like a good player does not need good luck on their side - they can make money through correct decision making and good plays but if the bad luck is against them then they can't win.

i do make fines for plagiarism though! :-)

9/2/06 10:01 am


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