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February 13, 2006

Taking A Cyber-Break

No!.. i haven't decided to go on a virtual reality holiday (although i am sure they are available if you googled hard enough!) I am merely deciding to give on-line poker a break now for at least a week. I am not gonna play one single game until next Monday (20th) and even then if i really don't feel like playing,.. i won't.

I have been in some horrible form of late and feel that i am 'going bad', meaning that i am only seeing the negatives, i have no confidence in my on-line game and am looking for excuses for my bad luck, clutching at straws and at times am questioning the integrity of the deal on some on-line poker rooms (surely no card room would risk their licence to print money by enhancing starting hands and manufacturing action flops??!! - i'm still suspicious but just can't see why they would take such a risk of damaging their reputations for a few extra quid).

I need to get that hunger back. I always look forward to playing but because i have been playing so much of late, i can't help but think i haven't been at my best or my freshest whilst playing, thus i have been making tired plays and stale decisions.

I'll most probably be at Sheffield on Wednesday for their £100 re-buy comp and the following week i will be at Walsall for the £300 freeze and maybe the £100 re-buy and of course i may give one of the super-sats a go with a view to getting a seat in the main event. Lets see if this little break from staring at the screen of lappie gives me some renewed vigour and helps me return to some form.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tough breaks junior,
am sure you'll reach the other side soon,
go easy on it until then.
cu in sheffield

13/2/06 11:51 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Though this is a criticism it is heartfelt.
I gotta say that post after post about how unlucky you are makes for poor reading (not to mention depressing).
Why is it that blogs all start off bright and interesting and degenerate into the same "why me?" self flagellation?
Try not to take this as an attack more a bit of advice, i love reading blogs they give an insight to the mindset of some excellent players and for a good part are informative and interesting, but more and more are doing what you are doing and it eventually leads to the recycle bin.

21/2/06 1:18 am

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

thanks for the comment mr anonymous (although i am sure i know you). I was just thinking the same to myself this morning. I hate reading about bad beats and bad runs myself and agree it is boring for the reader. So from now on, i am promising a bad beat free zone and no more tales of woe and poor fortune. - i guess i just had to have a rant and get it off my chest. here it ends.

21/2/06 10:45 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't think you do know me mate, i saw your sig on blondepoker while watching a liveupdate a few months back and have kept it bookmarked ever since.
I'm glad you took that in good heart.

22/2/06 12:43 am


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