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May 18, 2006

The Fun Is Almost Over

I've not updated the blog for a while and wouldn’t be surprised if people have stopped checking whether it’s been updated or not – but hey ho, what do you expect from a lazy shit like me?!

Not really played in anything of note recently, just the odd trip to Gala Nottingham without much success in the comps. I’ve been putting a fair few hours in on-line and actually thought I had it cracked for a while – building up a nice wedge on Pokerstars playing sit n’ go comps, multi’s and heads up NLH only to fall foul (again!) of my horrible indiscipline on the cash tables. For some reason I always do this – I build up a nice roll slowly, pat myself on the back and think I am starting to get there then all of a sudden I manage to do a whole load of my dough playing too many tables and way above myself on the cash tables, get a few beats and all of a sudden I am fed up with it again and cash out what profit I have left. I mosey around for a few days, do a few bits around the house, get down the golf course and eventually get fed up of not playing poker. I then re-deposit what I took out and start again. I suppose that’s my only saving grace – I manage to cash out before I lose the rest.

Anyway, I said 16 months ago I was only going to do this (the poker sabbatical) for a year maximum, see how it went and review my situation again, so I have already exceeded my planned time frame by 4 months. I’m getting to the stage now where I am starting to have horrible thoughts about returning to work and getting some guaranteed income coming in again – its amazing how a mortgage and several other direct debits each month can get you thinking differently and how it can definitely make you play differently! Bad beats start to equate to more than just disappointment and annoyance, they begin to represent a potentially unpaid bill or a down-grade on what furniture you buy for the house, you can be out shopping with your beloved for a trivial thing like a toaster and you start to campaign for the £30 Morphy Richards over the £120 Dualit that your girlfriend wants – its just not right! – When you’re at work and you have a poker win, you don’t mind spending the extra £90 for the Dualit but when you don’t work and you derive your income from poker, that extra £90 represents a % of a buy-in to next weeks freeze-out. Maybe its time for a change – I mean who wants to live like a hermit for the next 30 years, multi tabling at $3-$6 for the rest of their sane lives? I just don’t know how some of these guys do it. Now, if I was sponsored and had the roll to play big live festival events each week it would be different, but I haven’t, so it isn’t! – end of!

I’ve started looking for any jobs that might take my interest with a view to turning anything down that looks like it might annoy me within a week of starting – (it really doesn’t take much to tilt me up in an office!). Hopefully I’ll find a nice cushy contract recruitment job for 6 months, earn a few quid and have another few months off, we’ll see.

In the meantime, its Gala Nottingham tonight for my weekly donation to the student’s great unwashed benevolent fund, then it’s off to smoky, cramped Sheffield for their ever popular festival next week. – I’ll keep you posted. – Honest!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gregory, it appears you have lost the confidence in ur ability... perhaps getting some steady income wouldn't be a bad idea,, but don't give up!! keep the blog going as enjoy it, altho more frequency would be greatly received!!

best of luck for the future!

cash games are for robots! not for me!

19/5/06 2:00 pm

Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Yep, I'm still here and still checking.

Online's a lot harder than it looks. The discipline factor took me soooooo long to learn (still yet to fully master), and I've encountered a few tough lessons a long the way.

Have you considered taking on a part time job?

22/5/06 6:21 am


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