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May 25, 2006

Rising Stars Interview - Part 2

UK Pokernews have the 2nd part of my 'Rising Stars' interview on their site now if you fancy a gander. (Link Below)


I played the £100 re-buy at Sheffield last night but finished about mid-field. I suppose it was a bit disappointing really after a good start in the rebuy period but I went totally card dead for the next hour, and an hour is a long time in these comps as they are played with 20 minute levels. By the time I departed the average chip stack was 8000 and the blinds were 400-800!! - A tournament really not suited to me I'm afraid. No play, no edge, no fun!

I've decided I am not going to play any more tournaments now unless the structure is favourable for me and I feel I am getting value for my outlay. Although these fast paced chip chuckers build the pot up nicely I just don't find it fun when you still have half the field remaining and average chips has only 10 BB's.

They have a £300 F/O tonight and tomorrow is the £750 F/O. They should be better comps but unfortunately i am unable to play - at least my lungs and eyes will get a rest from the unbelievable smoke levels tonight!


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