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May 21, 2006

Rising Stars Interview.

UK PokerNews recently contacted me to do an interview as part of their 'Rising Stars' series. I, of course duly obliged and here it is (link below) for those that are interested. Talk about dragging up the ghost of tourneys past - they just won't let me forget that bloody call against Ram in the WHGP will they!! :-)


Was hoping to play a few nights of live poker this week as the real pokergirlie is away with work but have a stinging sore throat and feel like dog shit so may just stick to the on-line grind. If only they wold ban smoking down at the Gala then i'd probably still go but can't risk the throat getting worse!



Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Your blog's back after a slight hiatus!

And that call, forget about it, you had second nuts after all. I think we've all seen worse...

22/5/06 6:17 am


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