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November 25, 2005

So Far So So-So at Walsall

Just got back from Walsall yesterday. I played the £300 and £500 freezeouts and i am going back for the £1500 main event on Saturday.

The £300 NLHE started really well for me, running my 7k starting stack up to 42.5k after 3 hours - that was massive at that stage - really huge stacked on my table with most having around the 13k mark and next biggest being 22k. I felt compelled to get aggressive and be the 'big stack', calling raises at will and re-raising late position raisers and not backing down if i felt my oppo was weak or if i sensed i was in a 50:50 coup. This ultimately led to the dessimation of my stack down to 30k by the 3rd break and i was pretty much back in the pack again fighting to stay above average.

I made the final day but went back 15th in chips out of 18 with little option but to move all in at the first opportunity. I got lucky when i finally moved all-in attempting to pinch the blinds with 5h6h against the chip leader's 99 when i turned and rivered a boat but he got his revenge five hands later when my 10-10 was no match for his KK, especially when he flopped a third king. - so that was me done in 13th for £300 - not even a 'cking profit!

However, my good mate Thewy won it in style and with total class. - £18,500! - 5% to his coach (thats me) and i was well in profit for the week without having to actually get a result myself.

The £500 comp was a non-event for me. I played fast and loose early and combined that with some timid folds and suspect calls i soon worked my starting 8k up to a whopping 3.1k by the time our table broke - grrrrrrrrrrr.

I prolonged tournament death for a bit longer before falling on my sword by calling all in with 8-8 in the cutoff to Latif's mid position raise. - He showed JJ and hooked another one on the flop and i was done for the day.

Never mind, there's always the main event, where i hope to repeat my achievements of february this year or even go one better. - you never know, even a blind pig can find the occasional acorn.


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