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December 08, 2005

Back On It!

Yes, after nearly 3 weeks of internet poker cold turkey i am officially back on it. To be honest it did me good to take a total break from playing with the cyber fishies and actually start to do other things during the day than sit in front of the computer screen watching infuriating blinking avatars flashing (at times it felt like laughing) at me.

I decided to take stock of my game (internet game that is, they are totally different beasts) and analyse my results over the past year. It shocked me to realise that of the 9 sites i had folded an e-card on, i actually only made a profit on one of them (that being the bet365 rounders). All of the other sites i had just been a constant source of donations into the cyber coffers of those e-sharks just sat waiting for me to do something daft - they didn't have to wait long! - beleieve me!

Now, don't get me wrong, I am no mug at the poker table, i know i can play and i have won alot of money this year, which has allowed me to quit my job, move in with my girlfriend, pay off all my debts and generally stop feeling like i was still a student on the bread line.... However, my internet results were laughable, like really bad! So i did some research, asked alot of questions, talked to those that know internet poker, that win money and generally don't suck like me. My eyes were opened, i found it quite amazing what such seemingly little tit bits of advice could be so valuable - such simple things that most internet players take for granted i just didn't do.

I am a week in to my new approach to cyber poker and things are looking up. I initially went back to the rounders on bet365 as these were the only games i had shown a consistent profit on but i found them no longer to my taste during the day (when i mostly play), they didn't fill up quickly enough and although i would step up more often than not i found the whole process to be annoying as you are tied to those games and can't cash out until the top level. I found this to put too much pressure on that one game at the top so i decided to play elsewhere.

I now play mainly on bluesq at omaha cash, the odd MTT and SNG and its going ok. i am pretty much starting again now with a new view on things and a renewed vigour. - wish me luck!


Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Back on it already?

You're addicted!

Well, I suppose it's better than having a crack habbit.

9/12/05 10:00 pm


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