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June 14, 2006

Blog Surfer

Nothing much to report really. Although i do seem to be hitting some form on-line now i am back playing PLO cash (4 tables of $1-$2). I have really cut down my sessions now and as soon as i hit 100 minutes i stop for at least half an hour. If i was playing well i get back on there if i was playing bad i take a longer break go for a walk, do something else and take my mind off it and it seems to be working. I feel fresh everytime i log on to the tables this way and my concentration doesn't slip like it always does when i start putting in 2-3 hour sessions.

I've been totally wrapped up in the World Cup and have probably only missed 2 live games so far. I'm really looking forward to England's 2nd game tomorrow, i expect a better performance and a few more goals this time round.

Anyway, i've come across this new site with hundreds of poker blogs on it. Its amazing how many poker players have blogs!! - Some are dull, some are crap and some are very good in deed. Check it out! You can literally spend hours reading about other people's bad beats!! :-)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

go on junior keep em comig!! also get involved in the main event.. its got ur name on it this year~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoa baby!!!!!!!

20/6/06 1:17 am

Blogger Mal said...

Check mine out mate if you wanna good read! Like to read yours! Cheers!

21/6/06 4:57 pm


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