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July 26, 2006

Could and Should Do Better!

Well, it’s coming up to the end of July now and to be honest I really could do with seeing the back of it from a poker perspective. I’ve performed pretty badly online (yes, what’s new I suppose?) I have made a profit so far but that’s not the point. The point is my hourly rate probably equals that of someone in the third world who picks peanuts out of shit for a living – and that’s just not good enough!

I have been looking at my stats and figures for the past few months and I have just realised I haven’t played live for 6 weeks. That’s probably the longest I have gone since I discovered the game in back 2002. There are many reasons for this including principally a lack of form, the quality of the games on offer at my local casino, increased recent expenditure off the poker table, which is draining the bank roll and one main reason…. I just can’t be arsed to drive the 22 miles there and 22 miles back. I haven’t really missed it to be honest but I should make the effort to go more often, so I’ll probably make a visit next week sometime. Poker just isn’t the same on-line and I really should be keeping my eye in as I may play a few events at the upcoming Luton and Sheffield festivals and I don’t want to go into those looking like a frail internet newbie.

The WSOP goes on (without me) :-( but I was pleased to see John Gale win a bangle this time around especially after his agonising second place last year. It seems there is some British form emerging just prior to the main event – let’s hope we can get a British World Champion – good luck fellas!

July 21, 2006


Well I didn’t manage to snag a late seat to the WSOP as I finished about midway in the Stars 150 seats guaranteed when my short(ish) stack lost a late position coin flip with QQ against AK. I did beat over 4000 people but finishing 2617th isn’t really something to blog about is it?!. I am disappointed but it’s not a huge disappointment. Especially in light of a lot of the blog reports I have read recently about the various problems players are having out there with the Harrah’s organisation and attitude towards the players. I have heard tales of them refusing to change marked decks, altering structures and formats of events only minutes prior to kick off and issuing bans and ejections for anyone with an opinion they don’t like. If you add to this the huge crowds and the long waits for available STT’s then I would probably rather not be there and even if I was there I would probably be over at the Bellagio or Orleans, playing the competitions they have to offer, which last year were very good value, well run and were not a complete circus.

I guess I’ll just carry on grinding at the e-felt for now and leave the bling-bling hunt until next year.

Congratulations to fellow Midlander Peter Costa for his two cashes and his final table in the Omaha Hi-Lo and congratulations to all the Brits who have managed a cash so far also such as Carlo Citrone, Julian Gardner, Nick Gibson, El-Blondie, Ian Woodley, Joe Beavers and a few others I can’t remember. I just hope one of them can emulate Sir Lawrence Gosney of Leeds’ effort from last year and win a pretty bangle. Good Luck fellas.

July 13, 2006

PokerStars 150 Seats Guarenteed

The Vegas jealousy is getting too much. I keep reading reports of the action and its bringing back memories, therefore I am having one last ditch late effort to get a seat. I am playing in the PokerStars $370 satellite with 150 seats guarenteed on Sunday. I managed to get in for $9 in a $3 rebuy earlier today :-) Who says this poker lark is expensive?!!

Aside from the odd microstakes-supersat I've been griniding away at the PLO tables with some success, turning enough profit each week to keep me and Pokergirle in bread and water. We've spent shed loads on the house recently getting it furnished and looking like we actually live there. We've been in over 9 months now and have only just taken delivery of a table and chairs, so no more TV meals on laps from now on.

I've read quite a few blogs recently - alot of those bloggers that i keep tabs on are in Vegas at the moment. You can check their blogs by clicking on the links on the right hand side of this page. Check out Milkybarkid, Rob Sherwood, Shane Schleger.

good luck

July 03, 2006

Vegas Jelousy

I can't believe its been 12 months since i was flying to Vegas for last years WSOP. Sadly, I won't be going this year. Although i say 'sadly' as i thoroughly enjoyed my time out there last year, there are many things i won't miss about Las Vegas....

I won't miss the busyness of the Rio and the crap customer service and attitude from the staff, there immoral practices regarding the with-holding of taxes from UK players.

I won't miss the tip culture! - everytime someone says 'hi' they want a fucking dollar from you! - piss off! and do i look like i can't open my own taxi door?! - so why should i pay someone else to do that for me?!

I won't miss the taxi driver's going the long way round and eeeking out every cent from you in fares and practically begging for tips. - here's a tip..... Take me the shortst route and i'll thank you, appreciate it and tip you, take me the long way round and i'll hate you, want to kill you and will not tip you. You lose in the long run Mr Cabbie.

I won't miss the heat. - Unreal!

There are lots i will miss about Vegas though and I really wish i was going. Good luck to all those that are there or are on their way.