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December 16, 2005

6 in a row!

Last night, I decided to have a bash at the bluesq.com heads up duel. Basically there are prizes for the top 3 performers in each division in December. You can play lightweight ($5 and under), middlewight ($25), heavyweight (£50 & $100) or super-heavy weight ($200+).

Being your average joe, I had a go at the heavyweight section and played 3 $50 HU matches. I won all 3 and so decided to try my luck at the $100 ones- i may have gone higher but didnt want to go out of the division as it is consecutive wins in the same division that gets the prizes. I played 3 $100 ones and guess what?!..... I bloody won all them as well. - woohoo. I thought about trying for seven in a row last night but time was getting on so i decided to head for Gala casino for some live action - i wish i hadn't though as i played like a blind, hungry fish.

I resumed the duel again this morning at the $50 level and lost my match :-( - end of story!?... well, maybe not, according to the leaderboard on the website i will be in 2nd place, which gains entry into a $500 buy-in event just after xmas, so it may be worthwhile after all.

I am having a go at the $200 level next and am up to errr... 1 in a row at the moment but that is a 100% record. 5 in a row is best in class here so may give it a crack.


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