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December 21, 2005

New Cash Pot P.B.

Chirp alert!!

I was playing a little $2-$4 PLO game on bluesq last night - well i say little..... everyone was sat with $500+ and it was all action. I decided to sit with $200 and see where i could get myself.

I don't get to play much in the evenings as i have more important things to do like eat, watch telly and entertain my lovely girlfriend but her train had been delayed (thanks GNER) so i decided to play for an hour or so to pass the time before going to fetch her from the station.

What struck me about playing in the evenings is that it seems there are some much more lose players and players that are willing to gamble - you just don't seem to get this during the day. I had actually had a bad day on-line up to this point and was down about $450 so (although determined not to chase) I was keen to reduce the arrears.

I won a few minor pots and stole a few here and there, which put me up to about $320, I then made about $300 on a pot where i turned the nuts (the A flush) and had the guy to my right betting into me - i put him on a smaller flush (perhaps the K flush) with a set. Normally i would re-raise here but the pot was getting quite big, i didn't have a set or draw to anything bigger so I decided that with the hand i put him on, he wasn't going to fold and i didn't fancy the board pairing on the river for a suck out so i just called to see what happened. The board brought a rag to guarentee me the nuts and to my surprise he bet again. We were both deep stacked and i knew he couldn't call if i moved all-in so i min raised him for another $140 on the end and he reluctantly mucked.

This meant i was up to over $600 in less than 30 minutes and considered quitting but these guys were gambling and I had a tilter two to my right who had just reloaded with another $500.

Then this hand occurred:

I am dealt AdAc4d7s in 2nd position. Under the gun (UTG) limps, i think about raising but on this table, i knew they would all call anyway so there was no chance of thinning the field but i knew if i limped as well someone behind me would definitely pop the pot, so i limped with the intention of re-raising if someone raised. Immediately the guy in 3rd position bet the pot ($24), seat 4 folds, the blinds both call as does the UTG limper.... back to me.

I re-raise the pot now hoping to take it there and then or to at least go heads up with the initial raiser. It wasn't to be! The initial raiser goes all in for $260, the short stack next to him goes all-in for value and the UTG limper to my right calls the $260 as well leaving himself with $400. This was a funny situation for me here as I now think i am facing another player with AAXX, another player with KKXX and a third player with some sort of sick suited gambling wrap thats bound to suck out on me. I seriously consider folding as the guy to my right has more chips than me and i can see my whole stack of $550 ($350 profit) going into the middle after the flop with the worst of it. I decide that i obviously can't be behind in this situation but i could easily be outdrawn or the other guy with AAXX could catch his much better supporting hand (or workable danglers as i like to call them) - my thought process contained the words, "gamble", "value", "odds" and "you have AA FFS" and i couldn't bring myself to pass, so in it went.... the whole lot, all you can eat baby!

The pot + side pots = $1670 and i couldn't believe the junk that was turned over in competition for this monster.

Q8K9 - 4 different suits
4568 - 3 different suits
JcJd6c9h - the only guy who could seriously hurt me.

I guess by me and one other player limping, one player raising, several callers and then me re-raising had led to a domino effect of value calls and pot odds, although the guy to my immediate right with a deep stack should really have folded... especially when he turned over JcJd6c9h!!! I was fearing the worst but the side pot was bigger than the main so as long as i didn't lose that i really didn't mind. I didn't want to see a Jack or 3 clubs. The straights were unlikely as alot of cards were duplicated and i had a couple of blockers with my 4-7.

I just shut my eyes and hoped to see the money come my way..... it did, the AA47 held up for the 2 biggest side pots with the main pot of $190 going to the billy low stack who made some sort of little baby straight.

So that was my biggest cash pot win to date $1480 at a $2-$4 game - WOW!!

I am not in a rush to go and beat it but it certainly was a buzz.

chirp over.


Anonymous jnrrazz said...

I like son... good skills always bet the value... surely thats the only rule you need

22/12/05 4:10 pm

Blogger Nemesis said...


n1 m8

27/12/05 2:10 pm


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