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December 29, 2005

Let's Let Off Some Steam...........Tilt!!

Ok, so i have been doing really quite surprisingly well ont'internet recently and am happily building a nice little bank roll up on-line. However, every now and then i slip back into my cyberfish alter-ego and play so badly and loose that i have to physically slap myself and remove that horrible creature that isn't really me from the controls of the laptop.

Oh yes... I can tilt, and sometimes it can be quite unstoppable - an amazing urge to deposit my hard-grafted dough into the sweaty mits of some fat bearded Salem inhabiting trailor trash comes over me and consumes me like a contageous bug. Just this morning i had managed to win $400 in about 40 minutes playing $2-$4 PLO, i then came second in a $109 6-pack, which i should have won. - Just a minor niggle but one that was poisoning the feel good juice at the back of my brain. I didn't want to play anymore this morning, but just felt the need to go blow off some steam in a $1-$2 NLH cash game. - its amazing how expensive 'steam' is these days!....

I loaded up $200 already knowing that it may only last as long as my thinning patience would allow. It all started well until the table at-it merchant raised in late position ($10) for the 5th consecutive round. I am on the button and back raise the cheeky git with 8s-5s to $26. To my surprise, he calls (he had folded the previous 2 times) - now i know he has something and i could be in trouble but the flop could always help me (that's not me... it's the fish talking).

The flop came down 8-Q-2 (woohoo, i made a pair!) but he bets out $30 - this looks like a feeler bet with top pair, weak kicker (he wants to know if i have the over-pair or does he have top pair top kicker and he knows he has me?.. only one way to find out) so obviously having switched to 'loose-goose' mode i decide to let him know that i do in deed have AA or KK (as he already hopefully suspects) and back raise him another $60. - are you following this?..... your asking yourself whether i am the worst player in history?! - well, here's the news....just some of the time i am! He dwells for nearly his full time allowance and moves all in. Now i know for a fact he has AQ or QK but i am pot committed and have little left behind so move the rest of my stack in knowing that i am about a 4.5/1 shot to catch up (a loose fish like me knows all the odds on re-draws, live cards and back door catch ups). - Yes!!, total fish play i know but it happens sometimes.

Anyway,... i now have all my money in with 8-5o against AQ on a 8-Q-2 board just because i could't be bothered to move from the sofa and take a break and resist tilt.... or worst still fold 8-5o because i know i am behind- back to the old Greg! - i was disgusted with myself... until, wait, what's this?....... a lovely 5d on the turn! - yes!!... i caught up. i tell myself it was a great call, i had the odds and i read him for AQ beautifully. All of a sudden, i feel like Gus Hansen at a WPT final table, until another diamond on the river sends me deservedly to the chip tray and i am disgusted in myself again and severely dissappointed in my lack of patience and discipline. In with the worst of it - flopped enough to keep me interested, luck gave me hope on the turn, only to be crushed by a better hand on the river. - herein lies the evolution of the fishy hand.

So its back to basics for me. A little talking to over a nice cuppa tea and i'm ok again now. I really do recognise my tilt signs very well, i know instantly when i have that urge to do something stupid... i guess its just another step to learn to control them and respond to them accordingly. One day, maybe i'll be grown up enough to do that.


Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Ouch. It all sounds sooooooo familiar.

I find a splash of freezing cold water on the face does the trick.

30/12/05 12:21 pm


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