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December 30, 2005

An Even Newer New Cash Pot P.B.

Now, i'm not one to chirp ... (honest), but as a way of a confidence booster and to remind myself upon looking back at this diary that one day i could in fact play poker i am going to post whenever i crack my P.B. at the cash tables.

One of my latest logs was of my new cash pot P.B. ($1670) playing $2-$4 PLO - well, i've gone and pipped it.

However, this time it was playing $5-$10 PLO and again holding AAXX.

I am sat in the big blind with $1200 (starting stack plus re-loads = $800 so i am up $400) and i am holding AcAs6c8h - not much to tell your nan about over the left over turkey but.... 8 limpers! (yes!, the whole table wants to see the flop!) - Now normally i would like to just take a flop with my hand but decide there is enough dead money out there to be able to sufficiently augment the pot and make the bet to a size that only a few of the callers would match, so i bet the full pot. - 3 callers, all with deep stacks! - i decide immediately that i am very much prepared to abandon this hand if i get an unfavourable flop, miss completely or get any heat from my oppo's. - Omaha is such a dangerous game if you try and force marginal and weak hands - you need to hit that flop.

The all important board Jc7c6h. Ok, so now i have bottom pair (so what!) and the nut flush draw (very good). I decide to bet out about 2/3 of the pot, i still don't want to go crazy with this hand, i don't want to make the pot too big for someone else and there could be a set out there, two pairs or just about anything - it is omaha after all. - ... i get two callers (gulp!) and prey for a club....

The turn comes 6d, which pairs my 'dangler' - eek, now i'm really involved and have enough of this to justifiably go broke - (a strange way to look at it i suppose but thats the mind of a cyberfish). I am just thinking how much to bet when the first caller in the SB moves all in for $470. I am now really not sure what to do as i have another player behind me who is also deep stacked. Usually when the board pairs in omaha, you can forget your flush draws but something told me mine still might be good. I also fancied my 666 to be good too and i knew i could always redraw to a bigger full house if i was beat. I just had to think what my opponents could have....

On the flop, I didn't put either of them on JJJ 777 or two pairs as they would have pushed all-in on the flop here with those hands as they probably knew i had AAXX and with there also being flush and straight draws out they couldn't take the risk of not protecting their hands here. However, i did now have a horrible feeling that the sb had 67676 but i am sure he would trap check and let me bet here with that hand. I decided his all-in was a bet that he didn't want calling and i put him on 666 - the same as me and as i had an ace kicker, i went ahead and called. Thankfully the other opponent folded. - i am really not sure what i would have done here if he had gone all-in over the top of me - but; (a) thankfully that didn't happen :-) and (b) he showed enough weakness by just calling on the flop to suggest he wasn't having anymore of this hand - i thought he could only call with jacks full - and i had pretty much 99% discounted him to have that hand.

I was happy to see that my opponent had TcTs8c6s .. so, his hand was 666 (same as me) with a flush draw (which i had covered to the nuts), an inside straight draw and pocket tens - so his only outs were a 9 or 10 - which he missed :-) and the fat P.B. pot of $1712 was pushed to yours truly.

So there we are... my 666 held up and another lovey omaha pot won with AAXX.

The moral to the story?...... get your money in with the best of it and hope to get lucky sometimes


Blogger redsimon said...

Nice pot. You had overpair on flop not a pair of 6's though:) (Had to get one nit pick in!). What site was this 'cos the players sound s**t :)

2/1/06 7:35 pm

Blogger Greg_'Junior'_Hill said...

ahhhh, trust the tax man to pull me up on a mistake :-)

thanks simon. the site is bluesq.com - on the Vc Tribeca software network.

thanks for the comment

2/1/06 8:43 pm

Blogger redsimon said...

I must pick the wrong times to play there 'cos I keep getting my arse kicked in the PLO PLO8 games on BsQ :(

3/1/06 7:53 am

Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Nice hand, Greg. Well thought out.

If the other guy went over the top, I would have to fold believing I was losing to a full house. I can't see how he can risk such a move without one, even if he does read you for aces. He still needs to beat the low stack.

Anyway, that didn't happen and it turned out nice again. :-)

4/1/06 3:35 pm


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